Maristis is a mysterious sorcerer that lived on the outskirts of Dimsdale. He was, apparently, one of the first to be abducted by the beastmen in Goodmonth, 3200ec.

It turns out, Maristis was actually behind the abductions in Dimsdale. After suffering a major setback at the hands of common villagers, he returned to Dimsdale a cursed, wretched creature.

He spent the next year plotting his revenge with the help of his thrall,Vella, the mayor’s wife. He sprung his trap at the first annual feast to celebrate the villagers great victory.

Once again, he was defeated by these villagers turned heroes. Their training paid off as they were able to withstand his crippling spore attack and fight off a hoard of mutated flesh horrors.


Staring Into The Abyss davegriffith