Staring Into The Abyss

The Portal Under The Stars

Date Played:
October 20th, 2012

9:30PM – 2:00 AM
Game Time:
Godsday, 25th Goodmonth – 3201 e.c.

The Hands of the Abyss

Before vanishing into the portal, Maristis raises his arms to the sky and utters the following:

“Master Izmaledt, Lord of Many Forms, for as long as I occupy this plane may your great obscenity touch these creatures.”

Some in the party resist the curse better than others. Most of them feel weak and fatigued along with a vague sense that they are no longer aligned with the cosmic forces of fate and destiny. For others the effects are much more apparent. Sores begin to open on Blindorf’s face while the flesh on Eddy’s chest melts and swirls about in a sickening, itchy movement. Habrick’s ear mutates and folds down (perhaps not that bad) while Arnith and Buck collapse to the ground in a heap.

The Feast... Is Ruined.

Date Played:
September 29th, 2012
8:30PM – 3:00AM

Game Time:
Godsday, 25th of Goodmonth, 3201ec

Training Abroad

The group heads their separate ways to further their training. They arrive safely at their destinations courtesy of Mayor Thulan and begin training at once. Autumn turns to winter which turns to spring. Hearthfest comes and goes and they barely take notice. All the while the strange pale blue light of the Empty Star begins it’s slow ascent in the heavens.

Traumatic memories of the events of last year occasionally surface, especially at night when the day’s work is done. Sleep offers little respite as they are often troubled with terrible nightmares.

Every night the dreams start innocently enough. However, without fail, an evil darkness begins to worm it’s way in and take control. They feel a sinister, other worldly presence burning into their very souls as visions of deep and dark horrors flash within their minds. Gaping, fanged maws, dripping ichor flash before their eyes and slimy, barbed tentacles slither and slice through their minds. They inevitably awaken, gasping for breath in the night air.

The only escape is to work harder and distract the mind from it’s wandering.


Date Played:
September 15th, 2012
9:30PM – 2:30 AM

Game Time:
Freeday, 28th Goodmonth – 3200 e.c.

Out Of The Depths and Into the Unknown

The party plunges into a pitch black, subterranean cavern rushing with water.

Three additional captive villagers managed to survive and board the boat. They are:

Sinclair – A Merchant from the Southern Lands.
Buck – A Wheat Farmer
Ranus -An Armorer

The craft drops down waterfalls, through multiple rapids and is plunged underwater several times but always manages to surface in time for a quick gasp of breath. Miraculously, everyone manages to stay aboard. Gear, weapons and the limbs of their fellow compatriots flail and float around the boat. Through a combination of terror, exhaustion and blows to the head, the villagers lose consciousness.

Sailors On The Starless Sea

Date Played:
September 2nd, 2012
8:30PM – 3:30 AM

Game Time:
Freeday, 28th Goodmonth – 3200 e.c.

Into The Depths

Of the dozen or so rescued villagers, three are strong enough, or perhaps foolish enough, to join the wayward villagers on their quest for vengeance.

They are:

Drevous – The Navigator – has flint and steel in his pocket.
Reek – The Gongfarmer – has a sack of nightsoil tucked into his belt.
Phendris – The Rutabaga Farmer – wears a holy symbol around his neck.

Dakkon The Gambler puts on his new cloak and discovers a map sewn into the seams of the cloak. The map tells tales of an impending astrological event revealing the final resting place of a mighty barbarian war wizard and, presumably, his treasure hoard. This event is reported to occur in approximately one year on the 1st of Harvest 3201 e.c.

The Adventure Begins

Date Played:
August 18th, 2012
9:30PM – 2:30 AM

Game Time:
Freeday, 28th Goodmonth – 3200 e.c.

On a late-summer morning, a mob of villagers from the small town of Dimsdale prepare to assault the foul Morlan’s Keep.

With white knuckles they grip their makeshift weapons and stare up the rising causeway towards the keep. The smell of rot, death and decay is almost overwhelming. Biting black flies buzz about and an oily fog clings to the ground.

Until recently, even the thought of approaching within a league of Morlan’s Keep , much less assaulting it was unthinkable. However, the town has run out of options, the missing villagers have not returned and the time for retribution had come.


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