There are no atheists in the world of Aereth. The gods are very real and manifest themselves often. Many temples choose to worship two or more gods. Typically one primary god and one or more lesser related gods.

The triad represents the most powerful and primordial of all of Aereth’s gods. Although their powers are immense, they have few direct followers as they choose not to meddle in the affairs of mortals.

The Triad

Name Align Domains Gender
Centivus Neutral Creation, Artistry, Possibility m
Choranus – “The Seer Father” Lawful Creation, Destiny, Magic m
Ildavir Neutral Creation, Life, Nature, Animals f

Greater Gods

Name Align Domains Gender
Ahriman Chaos Death, Disease, Darkness, Suffering m
Amun Tor Neutral Mysteries, Riddles m
Daenthar – “The Hallowed Forge” Lawful Earth, Industry, Vows, Trust m
Ireth – “The Starmistress” Lawful Astronomy, Forestry, Wizardry f
Madrah Neutral Earth, Sky m
Olidyra Neutral Travel, Exploration, Adventure f
Ormazd Lawful Creation, The Sun, Prophecy m
Poderon Neutral Earth, Commerce, Festivity m
Zhühn Chaos Deception, Corruption, Falsehood m

Lesser Gods

Name Align Domains Gender
Cadixtat Chaos Chaos Titan and champion of Zuun, was destroyed by his master before the age of man. m
Cthulhu Neutral The last of the Great Old Ones None
Delvry Lawful Kowledge, Learning, Light m
Denithae Neutral Agriculture, Harvest f
Elyr Lawful Healing, Life, Succor f
Fenwar Lawful Fire, Lightning, the Hearth m
Gil’ Maridth Chaos Nightmares, Fear, Night Terrors f
Gorhan Lawful Valor, War, Chivalry m
Hidden Lord Chaos Secrets, Misdirection, Forbidden Lore, Shadows m
Justicia Lawful Justice, Mercy, Defense f
Klazath Chaos War, Subjugation m
Lasheeva Chaos Undeath, Murder, Affliction f
Myna Neutral Chance, Circumstance, Fortune f
Neshti Neutral/Lawful Thievery, Trickery, Vigilantism f
Ôæ Neutral Dreams, Imagination, Storytelling m
Pelagia Neutral Oceans, Seas, Music, Travel f
Rathul Chaos Lies, Dissimilation m
Shul Lawful The Moon, Measurement, Tradition, Literacy m
Soleth Lawful Peaceful Death, Solitude m
Tororthun Chaos Subterrane, Denizens of the Underdeep, Malice, Spiders f
Ulesh Lawful Peace, Pacifism m
Variag Neutral Ice, Winter, War m
Wyshalar Neutral Survival, Vitality f
Xeluth Chaos Violence, War, Strife m
Yvyn Chaos Consipiracy, Holy War, Rebellion f


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