Major Languages of the Known Realms

The “common” language has evolved as a shared language among many of Aereth’s civilized peoples. However, as with many languages there are variations and dialects. They are as follows:

Northern Common (Criestine but also called Nordos)
Southern Common (Khonsar, also known as Southron)

Criestine (Northern Common, Nordos)
Criestine is the official spoken and written language of the Empire. While most areas have languages that date back to their tribal origins, they have adopted Criestine as their language. However, the original languages of these people do alter Criestine considerably and it is sometimes difficult for someone from a country inland to understand or comprehend what a speaker from a coastal village is trying to communicate.

Khonsar (Southern Common, Southron)
Khonsar is predominantly spoken in the Southlands, where its roots began with the slave folk of Khonsuria. Khonsar is an offshoot of Sphinx language and finds many of its roots there. While the sphinxes of Khonsuria traditionally used a hieroglyphic language, Khonsar evolved into a more traditional written language that resembles written Criestine to accomodate increasing trade between the north and the south.

Xulmec has a common tongue that is spoken by most of the its peoples. It should be noted that the Xulmec tongue doesn’t have a standard written format. It’s logographic, like old hieroglyphics, with conceptual symbols in lieu of an alphabet of characters. Many Xulmec traders are fluent in both Criestine and Khonsar.


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