Carmine Tesseract

Elven Scribe


Level: 1

Physical Description:
Bushier Eyebrows. Tattooed hands with ancient ruins.

Notable Equipment:

Carmine has a rather precarious history. The son of a notorious Elven librarian in the ancient woodland city of X, Carmine was bred to follow exactly in his father’s footsteps from birth. Although not particularly bright the boy showed incredible interest in the books stories of old and often was too busy reading and daydreaming then collating and his daily maintenance chores.
His mother was rarely around. She was a gifted singer and sword master who belonged to an infamous group known as the Sword Singers (group of rather successful traveling musicians).
City was plundered and burned (not completely) by the dark elves from a longstanding ancient war
Carmine was nearly captured by the raiding party and had to feign death in a pile of bodies. Managed to escape in the night but when he returned, all the bodies were missing. No one had seen his father since then. His mother was out adventuring and had not been expected to return for some time (years perhaps, this was common of her).
His patron X helped him escape somehow.
Came to Dimsdale several years ago and worked as a scribe for X.

Character Goals:
Find his father and mother.
Get revenge on the dark elves.

Character NPCs:
Carmines Father
Carmines Mother


Carmine Tesseract

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